Jumpstart your Strength

A conditioning workout using various strength equipment and outdoor elements to work on building your muscular strength and endurance while toning the body. This is a full body workout hitting all areas of your body within the class.

Jumpstart your Cardio

A class focused on utilizing the many awesome trails at our outdoor locations to help you focus on improving your cardio fitness. Complimentary weight bearing and conditioning exercises will be incorporated throughout to help you boost the physical attributes needed to improve your running abilities.

Jumpstart your Body

A full body bootcamp circuits style class that will include both strength and cardio exercises in a more stationary setup at each location. These classes may include a little running but not in a continuous trail format and in short bursts. We will be sure to hit every area of your body at least once in this class and challenge you to a creative, varied and complete workout each time!

Jumpstart your Core

A workout that specifically targets and focuses on strengthening the Core muscles of our body.  When we think of what our core muscles include, think off the core of a skeleton – everything directly attached to the ribs, pelvis and spine of that skeleton is our core. Muscles such as our abdominals, obliques, pelvic floor, all our postural muscles, glutes, hip flexors and adductors together build the core. These muscles stabilize our body helping prevent injury, reduce pain caused from weakness and imbalance and helps improve our posture and stability. Overall, the functionality of our bodies that allows us to move more efficiently is undeniably related to a strong core.


Come join the party while dancing your cares away! Zumba is a latin dance inspired fitness class that combines simple choreography to exercise your mind while you move your body to a fun and energetic soundtrack. The routines help to improve your physical performance by incorporating interval training through alternating faster and slower rhythms which helps to keep you in the magic fat burning heart rate zone. There is no wrong way to do this as long as you are moving and having fun! New to Zumba? We’d love to have you so c’mon and give it a try!

Jumpstart your Yoga

The benefits of yoga are vast! Our yoga classes will help you find balance in mind, body and energy. Come strengthen and lengthen your muscular tone, endurance, flexibility and stability while reducing stress and boosting your immune system. These specific yoga sequences are designed to help you access that place of inner peace while improving the body’s physical mobility. Creating a deeper mind/body connection allows us to build awareness about ourselves as individuals so that we may apply that in our everyday lives to create a better state of overall health. Join us on your mat to release your stress, clear your mind and take away a grounded feeling of relaxation to carry out into the world.