Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read this information to be sure you are comfortable and knowledgeable of the required procedures involved in the physical training programs.

The following list describes the physical tasks and efforts that may be required to participate in a Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness program or session:

  • Repeated bouts of high intensity cardiovascular training
  • Repeated bouts of high intensity physical training for the upper and lower body
  • Strength exercises that involve working both the upper and lower body
  • Exercise and fitness tests that require moderate to high increases in heart rate

Waiver and Release

Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness encourages individuals with health concerns to consult their physician and obtain medical clearance before pursuing any physical conditioning program.

Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness requires every participant to complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to commencement of participation in Jumpstart Boot Camp activities. This questionnaire have been built into the registration form on our website.

Participation in the Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness programs and execution of exercises and activities prescribed is entirely voluntary.

Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness is a positive and supportive environment and bullying, intimidation and shaming of any kind are not tolerated. Anyone exhibiting any of these behaviors will be asked to leave and no longer permitted to partake in any activities associated to the program. No refund will be offered.

Participation in physical training programs or fitness testing conducted by Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness should not result in physical injury to the participant, however the participant acknowledges that there is the potential for injury inherent in all types of physical activity including Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness programs and activities. In the event of physical injury resulting during the evaluation procedures, equipment usage, or physical training conducted during a Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness program I grant permission for Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness and their instructors and employees to seek medical attention for the participant. No monetary compensation will be provided by Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness, and the participant will not hold Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness or any of its owners, instructors, or employees, or the facility or employees of the facility used by Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness liable for injury that the participant might sustain during participation in Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness events.

Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness and its owners have approval to capture my image using still or video photography, use any data or images obtained throughout the Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness session or program for use in Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness reports, publications, web sites, or advertisements. Jumpstart Outdoor fitness has my permission to add me to their newsletter in which I can unsubscribe any time I choose

If at any time I (the participant), or my child (enrolled by me, the legal guardian) have any questions, concerns, or require additional information in to the training program, we will cease participation and address our concerns with a Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness employee or instructor.

I understand and agree that if i feel sick or unwell in any way and/or show physical symptoms in any way that i am not to attend classes out of respect to other clients in avoiding passing on sickness/illness. i also understand that i attend classes at my own risk of contracting any sickness from fellow patrons.