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About Us

Jumpstart Outdoor Fitness is an incredibly invigorating workout in the beautiful outdoors of Nanaimo!

Each group fitness class takes place in a different location so we can enjoy the great variety of landscapes and scenery that Vancouver Island has to offer.

We use a wide variety of exercises, drills, training formats and games to challenge your body’s many systems and escape the monotony of an overly repetitive routine. Resistance tubing, Dumbbells, body bars, kettlebells ,exercise balls, agility ladders, and many more tools including the natural outdoors elements are used to create fun, dynamic and effective workouts.

Make new friends that become your Jumpstart family, discover new favorite nature spots in our beautiful city and reach new strengths in your health and fitness – we are waiting to Jumpstart your journey! Come and enjoy your first class FREE to try us out by registering here on website or giving me a call! No obligations.


 Your body hears everything that your mind say. Our team are motivating and encouraging to get you in a positive state of mind and help you experience success no matter what your fitness level.